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After 30 days, how to reauthorize transaction?

I'm working on a site that may take over 30 days to manufacture and ship an item after the original purchase date. I understand that the 30 days limit is a credit card industry rule and that there is no way to extend this. I read on the discussion board that a new authorization would have to be issued. Presumably, this would work similarly to the first authorization, with the credit card number and CCV supplied.


How can this be tested? What response code is returned when a transaction has expired? Does the initial transaction need to be cancelled first before the new authorization? Does the initial transaction Id need to be issued with the new authorization?


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Re: After 30 days, how to reauthorize transaction?

If you attempted to capture an expired transaction you would receive an error 16 "transaction not found" response. You wouldn't need to reference the previous transaction in a new authorization request because it is a brand new, independent transaction. You would not need to void a previously authorized but expired transaction as it is no longer a valid transaction. Most issuing banks return authorized, but uncaptured, funds back to the card holders account in about 3-7 business days even though the authorizations against them are valid for 30 days.



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