Authorize.Net UK/Europe Update

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Since our recent expansion into the European market, Authorize.Net now supports payments in 33 European Countries.


Payment Fundamentals for Developers Video Training

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Learn the fundamentals of payments designed specifically for developers (6 minutes).


5 Most Common Errors

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Troubleshooting integration errors is one of the necessary evils for all developers. Often, finding the exact reason for the error is half the battle. In this post we present 5 of the most common errors that you are likely to see during the Authorize.Net integration process. You can use the links provided as a reference for finding more details of the error and how other developers like yourself resolved the issue.


Standards, Compliance and Security for Developers Training Video

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To help you quickly become familiar with the standards, compliance and security requirements for your integrations, we’ve created a helpful training video designed to help you get started.


Larger companies have known the power of data for years. It’s at the heart of some of the biggest success stories – think Amazon, WalMart – these guys are able to tell their customers what it is they are looking for, even before they know they want it!


Mobile payments are a growing opportunity for developers. Learn about two new documents from the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI SSC) designed to help developers and merchants better understand mobile acceptance security.


Authorize.Net Expansion into Canada, the United Kingdom and Europe

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We’re pleased to announce that we now support payments in Canadian Dollars (CAD), Pounds Sterling (GBP), Euros (EUR) and U.S. Dollars (USD).


This document is an excellent resource for any developer engaged in an e-commerce project involving card payments. 


Choosing a Recurring Billing Solution by Rodger Yonley

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Rodger Yonley of Advice Interactive Group writes about recurring billing options from Authorize.Net.


Is Mobile an Opportunity for Developers?

by keahi on ‎12-19-2012 10:41 AM (7,528 Views)

Is the increase in mobile devices becoming an opportunity for developers?


Learn how a network breach could potentially expand into payment card processing environments.  Article originally published by Ingrid Beierly of Visa’s Cyber-Security and Investigations team in the Fall 2012 issue of Hospitality Upgrade.


New CIM Hosted Form Field Added to API

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New field added to the CIM hosted form called hostedProfileValidationMode.


Help Authorize.Net Improve our Developer Documentation

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Scott Copeland, a technical writer for Authorize.Net, has some questions for community members on how we can improve our documentation.


Connecting Authorize.Net’s Payment Gateway to PrestaShop Using Advanced Integration Method

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In order for PrestaShop’s free Authorize.Net module to be successful, developers had to utilize the Advanced Integration Method (AIM). AIM is best described as a customizable payment processing solution that gives merchants control over all steps in processing transactions online.


International Affiliate Partners

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Just because your business isn't located in the U.S. doesn't mean you can't be part of the Authorize.Net Affiliate Reseller program.


Authorize.Net Exhibiting at Internet Retailer This Week

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Are you going to the show this week? If so, be sure to stop by our booth!


Visa Viewpoints: Perspectives on Digital Currency

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If you're looking for insights into the payments industry, check out Visa's blog, Visa Viewpoints.


How To Integrate The Authorize.Net Payment Gateway With Your Website

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You have registered your domain name, built your website and have added all the products or services that you'd like to sell. Now what?  Your next step is to get a merchant account and a gateway account so that you can accept online payments from your customers.


Daylight Savings Time is Coming! Is Your SIM/DPM Implementation Ready?

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This weekend the US will be switching to Daylight Savings Time. While this should have little impact, some merchants using SIM or DPM may experience errors related to their transaction fingerprint (RRCs 97, 98, 99 or 103.)


Tokenization 101 with CIM and CRE Secure

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Tokenization is used in payment systems and payment integrations to replace sensitive credit card data in a business system so the system no longer has to be subject to PCI Compliance regulations.

  • How does Tokenization work?
  • Who can use Tokenization?
  • How does Tokenization compare to encryption?
  • How does CRE Secure work with Authorize.Net to provide complete tokenization?

The New Visa Developer Center

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Love the Authorize.Net Developer Center? Then you'll love this one, too.


Affiliate Reseller Training

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Find out more about our weekly Affiliate trainings.


Why Up-To-Date Software Matters

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If it isn't broke, don't fix it. Unless it's broken and you don't know it yet.


Authorize.Net Sandbox FAQs

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What things you should know when using the Authorize.Net sandbox. Read on for more info.


If you're confused about what the abbreviations CNP and CP actually mean and wonder why you should even care, read on my friend!


Handling Online Payments Part 11 - Finishing Up Our Payment Form

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In the final part of this series we make some small changes to make our form ready for live websites and offer a few ideas for how you can improve the form even further. Read more...

Are you an Authorize.Net Affiliate Reseller yet?

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If you haven’t already checked out the Affiliate Reseller program I would suggest you take a few minutes to see what the program has to offer.


Why should I become an Authorize.Net Certified Partner?

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Certified Partner Programs have become quite common, find out why the Authorize.Net Certification Program is unique and can add a new lead source to your business.! 


Handling Online Payments Part 10 - A Little Bit More PHP

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As we near the end of our payment form saga we continue our incremental improvements by refactoring our PHP code to make it easier to maintain. Read more...

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