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Issues with Saved Credit Cards

Hi All- In Sandbox Testing- we are running into 2 issues.  When the i-frame from our webpage opens and the end user is to type in a credit card information, we are requiring the 'Save Credit Card information for the future' button to be selected.  We are looking to default that button to selected and have it hidden from the interface so it always saves for that customer profiles, while still keeping the subscriptions and recurring payments intact.



The second issue is when we reference that same customer profile by email that saved card shows up in the list.  If the same customer uses our application to process another transaction, we would like them to be forced to type in the credit card information each and every time.


So we need to knowhow to make the requests to ensure that the customer profiles are created and the card information does infact save, but when we recall that profile it would force them to type in the information again.


I know a bit confusing, but our client is adamant that it be typed each time.

Any help is appreciated.

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Re: Issues with Saved Credit Cards


Just to clarify:  Why are you using customer profiles at all if the client does not want to use them?  It sounds like they want the credit card details to be entered every time, which seems to defeat the purpose of saving the credit card info.


Apologies if I'm missing something obvious here.