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Need Help With CIM Website Connection!

I have a new website with AUTHORIZE.NET CIM payment module fully installed, using accept.js and tokenization for their payment profiles. Testing shows it's working great for new customers. My challenge is with old customers.


Up to now I have been manually creating CIM records and corresponding payment profiles for every customer. I have their CIM ID saved on our current website (in prep for this move to new site). So importing them into the new site with their CIM ID already in place is easy enough. My question though is once I do this import of old customers:


  1. ID: The new site passes the record ID, i.e. 10. The old site uses a special custom ID system, i.e. 120517-0010. Will I have to update all CIM records first to match the new ID, or can I keep the old customer CIM records IDs as is and it will still connect?


  1. Will the customer payment profiles automatically show on the website? If not how can I process these to avoid me needing to login as each customer, and reenter their CC info for everyone?
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Re: Need Help With CIM Website Connection!



All profiles are stored at  This post is a little old but if you haven't figured out how to retrieve profiles for customers, payment methods, etc., you must first learn how to retrieve existing customers and their profile elements.  Then you can simply sent the customer and payment profile to the payment form.