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Add additional searchType options to getCustomerPaymentProfileList

Status: Accepted
by on ‎03-09-2016 12:28 PM

As we build out our integration we noticed it would nice to have some additonal search types added to the getCustomerPaymentProfileListRequest endpoint. The most useful for us would be to search by customerProfileID.  Also an expiration date range would be nice along with a paymentType (credit card or bank account)


A future request i could see is having the ability to have multiple searchTypes like customerProfileID and and an expiration month/year or range, or customerProfileID and paymentType.




Status: Accepted
by Administrator Administrator
on ‎03-17-2016 05:37 PM
Status changed to: Under Review
by Administrator Administrator
on ‎02-13-2017 03:21 PM
Status changed to: Accepted
on ‎03-21-2018 03:21 PM

How is it coming on this? We'd really like to be able to get a payment profile list by searching for customer profile id or customer id.

on ‎06-16-2021 02:48 AM

Is there a way to get all customer payment profiles (not customer profile specific but all)? As the search type limits the results, we need a way to get all payment profiles. 


Basically, our requirement is to get all the historical data present in the processor.

With the getCustomerProfileIdsRequest, we can only get Ids but not any other details. to get full details we have getCustomerProfileRequest request but it makes too many requests to do it for all customers.


Similarly, we also need to get all customer payment profiles, not limiting them based on search type.


Please help/suggest.


Thanks in advance!