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Include default payment profile id in error message

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by on ‎05-24-2017 07:29 AM

I am sending a createTransactionRequest with <createProfile>true</createProfile>.


If there is already a profile associated with the credit card the following error is included in the response:



<text>A duplicate record with ID 1812052420 already exists.</text>




Then I have to send a getCustomerProfileRequest to get the customerPaymentProfileId which is required in order to use the profile in the future.


Is it possible to include the default customerPaymentProfileId in the error message so I would not have to send another request to your server?


In our system we want to use tokenization but we can't always precreate the profiles.


Thank You


Lynn Millard, Software Engineer

The Hudson Group

360 Merrimack Street

Lawrence, MA 01843