Soft Descriptor and Contact Information

Status: Accepted
by jbracken1973 on ‎11-18-2014 08:38 AM - last edited on ‎01-15-2015 11:23 AM by Administrator Administrator

The ability to set the soft descriptors for a transaction. 


These are the fields that a customer sees on their statements, it allows for the customer to quickly ID the transactions reducing disputes and customer service.  For obvious reasons I hope.


Dynamic Descriptors include:

Business Name

Phone (Best Practices says this should be a Customer service number)

City and/or State

Status: Accepted

We plan to support Soft Descriptors when supported by the processors we connect to, and have plans to add support for TSYS and Global Payments.

by Stu
on ‎09-18-2015 05:17 PM

Is there any updates on this? I know that Chase Paymentech and a few others support Soft Descriptors, and we desperately need it to reduce chargebacks.

by gurminder90
on ‎10-20-2015 04:42 PM

Any updates on release date? Definitely need this for our business.

by method_ben
on ‎02-03-2016 08:41 AM

I think this feature will never happen!


It's been a while since the first proposition came out and they always say they plan to support it. 


I'm currently integrating an other payment gateway and they support it. They did the feature 1 month after I requested it.



by Administrator Administrator
on ‎05-24-2016 06:45 PM

Estimated delivery for merchants using TSYS processor is Summer 2016.

by Administrator Administrator
on ‎11-16-2016 09:50 AM

Estimated delivery for merchants using TSYS is now early 2017.