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Update Subscription Documentation

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by on ‎07-15-2021 02:31 AM

There should be a very clear documentation on subscription section. There are few things which needs proper clear information like:

  • Auto-retry: Howmany times it will retry, can we limit that or not, will any webhook event trigger if payment gets failed
  • Failed Subscription: How failed payment in subscription are managed, if auto retry happens every day at 2 AM and customer updates the payment information, what is the solution to know if thier card was successful or not. 
  • Need to have a webhook for failed payment of subscription
  • It should have API for suspend and re-activate the subscription
  • There should be limit on auto-retry and an option to disable it. It's strange why its not there
  • Card Expiring Search filter is good, it will be better if it had card expired filter