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3D secure AIM example

Hello, can you show me example of 3D secure request and response in AIM?


Im use sandbox  = true; Account mode - Live.

What is should be values? Current my values is:


$transaction->setField('authentication_indicator', '5'); //Get from manual, but dont undesrand what difference between 6.

$transaction->setField('cardholder_authentication_value', '512231123'); //Value is random number, what should be?


Response is error:

The combination of card type, authentication indicator and cardholder authentication value is invalid

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Re: 3D secure AIM example


Hi Actimele,


Authorize.Net does supports only the pass-through of 3D secure data. In order to process 3D Secure transactions, you will need to work with a 3D Secure provider.


We do not simulate the validation of this data within our sandbox environment.