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A valid amount is required

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Currently, when purchase on my site, i met this message "A valid amount is required".

I edited

x_amount = 1 -> OK

x_amount = 0.1 -> OK

x_amount = 0.09 -> show error


So, i want to know what's range(minimum and maximum) of x_amount. I spent 2 hours to search but have not any information about this.


Please help me,




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Re: A valid amount is required

Two of the security settings in your control panel (among other things) are minimum and maximum charge amount. Just set them to whatever you think is reasonable - keeping in mind that it doesn't make much sense to charge transactions that are smaller than the total credit card fees (calculate maximum credit card percentage + card fee + transaction fee + batch fee). Also, hackers often target applications that do micro-charges so they can test card info they've acquired, so it's generally good to have the minimum be at least a few dollars.


Read through all the settings in  the control panel, it's good knowledge to have.