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ACH nameonaccount SingleQuote issue



As per

bankData.nameOnAccount = document.getElementById('nameOnAccount').value;


If we have single quote in nameOnAccount , do we need to remove it or we need to escape it?


Our Problem:

We did not remove single quote or replace.

We pass nameOnAccount like below

e.g John O'Corner

Our Code  - 

bankData.nameOnAccount =  $("#AccountName").val();

secureData.bankData = bankData;

In Accept.dispatchData(secureData, responseHandler);


function responseHandler(response) {

if (response.messages.message[i].code == "E_WC_26") {
//It is hitting this block - as per API - "Please provide valid account holder name."



Can you guys help me.

Am i misiing something.



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Re: ACH nameonaccount SingleQuote issue

I have encouter the problem and stuch somwhere like that.


I will recommend visiting