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AIM : How do i check if number is debit card?

I am using AIM.

I want to check before payment initialize, what type of Card customer entered.

Is there any API to check card number is of Debit card or credit card.

Please give me link if this possible.

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Re: AIM : How do i check if number is debit card?

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@ParagAkbari: We have plans to expose an API for BIN Look up.

At present, you could try the following after creating a customer profile with the given card number.


1) Set includeIssuerInfo in the GetCustomerProfile request to true

     This shall return you the issuerNumber which is the unique identider for the issuer of the card.


Also known as Issuer Identification Number (IIN), BIN abbreviation stands for Bank Identification Number, it is the standardized global numbering scheme globally used for identifying institutions, who assign primary account numbers (PAN) to their customers.

With the revision of the ISO/IEC 7812-1 standard, the length of BINs is increased to 8 digits (ISO/IEC 7812-1:2017). Values of particular digits in BIN of a card define various information about the type of the card and its issuing bank. For instance, particular numbers in credit card BINs indicate card association, issuing bank, country of issue, and card type. Please see above anatomy of a credit card number for detail.

What is the benefit of using BIN?
In general, the key advantage of finding out a given card’s BIN is that, based on the BIN numbers, a merchant can gain better insights into its customer portfolio, in particularly, a merchant can find out, which types of cards are used by its customers (credit cards, debit cards, gift or reward cards) and which countries these customers come from.


BIN Lookup Service
Traditionally, there are two ways to get card’s BIN numbers. Card BIN databases can be purchased online or as API service from various web-sites (BinDB, BinBase, FraudAssets).


Hope this helps.

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Re: AIM : How do i check if number is debit card?

Hello, checking in to see if has developed a service to provide this information since the original question was posed.  Knowing whether a card is credit or debit helps us in our consumer service department to work with the customers to inform them of how debit versus credit cards are treated differently by their banks.