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AIM Integration Beginner Question

This is probably a very basic question, but based on the Java sample code, it seems like for CNP transaction, the only information needed is card number, expiration date and cvv. I'm wondering if any other billing information is also required, such as zipcode, card holder's name and etc. I've tested the application with the test account, it seems to approve the transaction without these additional information, but it still seems a bit odd to me. If this information is required, how do I submit using the Java SDK?



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Re: AIM Integration Beginner Question

The only fields required to submit any credit card transaction are the card number, expiration date, and the transaction amount. However, you can add a lot of security to the transaction by submitting the card code and billing address for verification.  When using AIM with the Java SDK, there are several methods within the transaction object to specify details.  For the specific example of a billing address, this is done by creating a new Customer object and applying it to the transaction object with the setCustomer method.