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AIM & DPM - Level of Customization Same?

I had a simple question - is the level of customization & flexibility of integration same for AIM & DPM? Reason being, I need a very custom payment process, but I don't want to store customer CC info on my server. Thus, DPM is the best route. Is this something that's possible?


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Re: AIM & DPM - Level of Customization Same?

Hi zincked,


Without knowing more about the type of customization you are referring to the most I can say is that DPM allows you to control the look and feel of the payment form and the receipt page. The end-user is not likely to be aware that the transaction is posting directly to Authorize.Net when you use DPM. DPM supports all of the Authorize.Net supported fields as well as merchant defined fields but you will lose session data in the post from your payment form to the Authorize.Net server.



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