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AIM "Batches"

I'm working with a client who is moving from another gateway to Authorize - the old gateway let us upload batch files via SFTP, which made it easy for me to program a PHP script to create and upload files on a daily basis.


I know Auth let's me upload files via the admin, but that aproach won't be feasble for my client. I'm wondering what the best way to replicate that behavior is using the AIM API.


Should I just loop though transactions using authAndCapture? My concern with this approach would be script execution time.


Is there any way to run batches via the API that I'm not aware of?

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Re: AIM "Batches"

Hey there,


No, there currently is no way to do batch processing through any of our APIs. You can do batch uploads via the Merchant Interface, but if that's not feasible, you'll have to submit individually through the API.





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