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AIM x-<name> codes

I am integrating AIM in C# looking at your sample code


Where may I find a list for the field names  x-<name>
In particular
  1. What value does x-method take if it is a bank account?
  2. What are the x-<name> values when it is a bank account?
  3. What is the x-<name> for the credit card code
  4. How can this method be used to verify a card or address?
Jerry Scally
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Re: AIM x-<name> codes


Appendix B


2)Can't do bank account.




4)Send with a auth_only with $0 or $0.01. Then check the Response Code for Approved and AVS response.

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Re: AIM x-<name> codes

Actually, you can do bank accounts, via eCheck.



The following elements belong to the <bankAccount> element; include them only for bank account transactions.
routingNumber (routing number for bank)


accountNumber (customer account number at bank)
echeckType (see documentation)

You can get more specifics from the AIM and eCheck documentation PDF's, and from the page on charging bank accounts: