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ANetApiResponse doesn't seem to have a transactionResponse in it -referencing it gives compile error

I am using .net with Visual Basic.


The following code all works perfectly fine. 


System.Net.ServicePointManager.SecurityProtocol = SecurityProtocolType.Tls12

Dim p_cRequest = New createTransactionRequest()
p_cRequest.transactionRequest = p_cTransactionRequest

Dim p_cController As New createTransactionController(p_cRequest)


Dim p_cResponse As New ANetApiResponse

p_cResponse = p_cController.GetApiResponse



The problem I am having is that the sample code (in C#) has a reference like this...




That line is used to see if the card was approved, declined, etc...  The problem I am having is that the p_cResponse object that is set with the p_cController.GetApiResponse line doesn't seem to even *have* a transactionResponse object in it.  the intellisense doesn't show it as an addressable option and manually adding it causes a compile error.  I am stuck and lost.  I thought perhaps I was creating the "wrong" kind of response object but after searching through the doc and looking at what is being returned I think I have declared the same object type that is being returned.  Where/how do I get access to the transactionResponse object so I can see if the payment was declined?


If p_cResponse.transactionResponse.responseCode = ... <<<<< line that is problem, acts like transactionResponse is not a member of ANetApiResponse but doc says it should be there.





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Re: ANetApiResponse doesn't seem to have a transactionResponse in it -referencing it gives compile e

I figured it out...


The response was a createTransactionResponse rather than an ANetApiResponse


Dim p_cResponse As New AuthorizeNet.Api.Contracts.V1.createTransactionResponse


(although does anyone find that class name a bit odd?)