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API Testing

I have been assigned a task to create an API that will be used in an iOS and Android app to communicate with a database, we're using phonegap and the app will interact with the api via AJAX.

The API is not going to be "public" it will only be used by our app( for now).

Now I have decided that creating a REST api would probably be best for me, I have homed in on PHP using the Slim Framework to build it with.

Now, I want to write this properly, using unit tests, stress testing and the like, but I have never done something like that before.



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Re: API Testing

I made an API that is quite successful, and I'd like to monetize it.

My first option would be to implement a subscription service using Stripe or similar. But I'd rather spend my time improving my API instead of handling payments and all what can go wrong with them. omegleshagle

My second option seems to be using an API marketplace. I know about RapidAPI, but I'm sure there are others.

My questions : azarchatrandom

  • Which API marketplace do you use?

  • How happy are you about it?

  • What are the drawbacks?