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API Testing

I have been assigned a task to create an API that will be used in an iOS and Android app to communicate with a database, we're using phonegap and the app will interact with the api via AJAX.

The API is not going to be "public" it will only be used by our app( for now).

Now I have decided that creating a REST api would probably be best for me, I have homed in on PHP using the Slim Framework to build it with.

Now, I want to write this properly, using unit tests, stress testing and the like, but I have never done something like that before.


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Re: API Testing


I need a single-entry point gateway API which can consolidate Salesforce, ServiceNow, Azure, AWS, and one or two other REST API's into a single API which my team can expose to the rest of the enterprise for building reports, software delivery, alerting omegle, and other business automation. Ideally, the gateway should feature auditing, data transformations, documentation shagle, business logic, and some kind of scripting language (JS or Python are great; Java is not).