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API for discovering credit card offers/rewards?

Hello everyone,


I am a software engineer by trade (not in this line of business) and this weekend I thought of a pretty cool app for the mobile phone that I want to develop to make my life easier.  I would need an API for the major providers (Vis, MC, etc.) that would allow me to query for what type of reward options and/or sales incentives are available for each card that a person has registered.


I've done some basic googling and can't seem to find APIs that can give me this information.  I found one for MC that can provide current offers, but it can't be limited to a specific user account, only by location (i.e., 5% off at shoe stores in zip code 60601).  I can't even find a developer's API for Discover card.


I realize that Authorize.Net is for payment processing, but I'm reaching out here, developer to other developers, in hopes of uncovering something useful for an informed community.




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Re: API for discovering credit card offers/rewards?

An app like this could be quite useful, however you're probably not going to find one offered by the credit card companies themselves, because once they have you signed up, there's obviously no motivation to tell you how to get cash back in the most efficient way possible. About all I can recommend is calling each credit card company and trying to find someone in marketing and/or IT who can either point you to the right tool, or at least to a data feed for the latest set of offers. Then you'll probably have to program it from there yourself.

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