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API info returned

There are some response data fields that I am looking for and was wondering if the API can provide them for credit card transactions:


1. Find out if the credit card is a debit or credit CC.


2. Find out the charged fees, codes, and transaction details. Looking for something like the following that we get from our bank merchant on paper but I need it electronically therough the API.


AUG BB083-Transaction cleared as enhanced

AUG BB216-Transaction cleared other than priced

AUG BB163-Transaction cleared at check card debit prepaid

AUG BB204-Missing or invalid ACI from authorization

AUG BB187-Transaction cleared as CPS ECOMM basic debit prepaid

AUG BB084-Transaction cleared at commerical card w/o level 2 sig

AUG BB287-Transaction cleared at small business level 3


We need this so we can accurately compute the fees we'll be charged for every transaction. We also need this at transaction time not when the bank decides to give us a paper statement weeks later.


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Re: API info returned

1)field 55 would return something for debit or prepaid


2)you can see the Response Code Details on the above link to see what is returning from