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API not working with Recurring Payments

Our API seems to work fine on regular payments, however it for some reason erases the address when they select to have a recurring payment.  I'm assuming there is something wrong with the way we have set up the API.  The following is what my programmer says:


              The API we used is "AIM-PHP".
            Now, the issue is that "The transaction under recurring billing failed due to the address".
            Kindly, suggest to  me that am I using the correct code or should I go for "ARB-PHP(XML)".




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Re: API not working with Recurring Payments

I have no idea what API that is. You can't use AIM for recurring billing anyway, unless they're storing the credit card data on your site, which is a very bad idea at this point.


Here's the official PHP SDK from


If you look in the doc folder, there's a file called ARB.markdown with some sample code of how to use the SDK to set up a subscription.