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ARB? Can it automatically generate incremental invoices?

Hi friends,

i'm building an application that would process recurring bills and i already setup the ARB system successflully. All works perfectly beside the fact that i wouldn't know how to add extra input like incremental invoice numbers. I'm not sure ARB is very useful for a real accounting environment.


What i'd like to do is to have unique invoice numbers assigned to the payments.


My initial thought was to completely forget about ARB and create a CIM + my own database.

My Database would store, in one table, customer IDs and due dates and in another, transaction result and invoice number.

At the due date the system would automatically generate a new invoice and then process the payment through the customer info taken from the CIM.


I'd like to know if anyone had the same concern and has a recommendation for the best way to go?


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Re: ARB? Can it automatically generate incremental invoices?

Since ARB transactions are automatically generated, there's no way to assign sequential numbers except by layering your own system on top - generating an invoice from your callback page and using your database to assign a number. If you're doing that, it's probably simpler to just implement CIM.