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ARB Page Can't Be Displayed Error

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Hello All,


I'm having a wierd problem but not sure why and what to do. I wrote the script using Classic ASP to post XML to ARB but when I set the posting url to and go and process either a real or fake credit card it processes fine. And it return successful or not.


But when I switch posting url to real time and then I try to process an order It never processes and I get a page can't be displayed. Nothing is return no errors or sucesses.


Does anyone know why this is? I can't see it being the code becuase its working in the Production mode but not in XML Schema.


Any suggestions or help would be a great help!!




Frank G. 



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Re: ARB Page Can't Be Displayed Error

The XML schema defines the format for all of your XML requests, the requests are never supposed to be sent to that url.


The two correct URLs are: