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ARB Silent Post for Sandbox Account

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Hello everyone,


I have a question about Silent Post in ARB integration. This is my first time use Authorize.NET and I don't have much experience in payment processor. Now, I'm doing authorize.NET integration on my website and I use the ARB for recurring payments. I use sandbox / test account and not on test mode to test payments based on PHP using SDK. For create subscription, it has done and work properly. For next payment / rebill, Authorize.NET will send Silent Post to our URL and I need response data from Silent Post to process this data on my website. But I do not get it, I don't get Silent Post from this rebill payment / transaction, whereas I have set up silent post url in the my sandbox account.


I really need guidance to get Silent Post. Please guide and tell me how I can receive Silent Post from my ARB transaction.


Thanks in advance for your feedback.

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