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ARB Subscription Transaction Testing



We have succesfully integrated ARB to our system. 


We have gone through document of ARB we read that "DAILY SUBSCRIPTION" is not allowed by ARB.


During testing we got the message "7 days as minimum length of subscription is 7 days.". That means after 7 days second transaction will be process.


  1. We have BIG QUERY that how can we test  transaction on DAILY BASIS? 
  2. We got one help from community : linke is below,
    2. In above link "Administrator"() mentioned one thing that i copied below,
      1. "A subscription transaction works just like createTransactionRequest except it's triggered by our scheduler.  Use a Webhook for new create transaction requests and get transaction details.  A subscription transaction will include a subscription id in the details."
      2. Can anyone please explain what he want to say in that?


Please help me ASAP.


Thanks in advance.






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Re: ARB Subscription Transaction Testing

Hello @testing 


The short answer is you cannot test daily ARB subscriptions.  We do not currently offer a subscription period less than 7 days even in the sandbox.