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ARB Unsubscribe with one final Payment

Hello All,


I am have a small problem. I am developing a insurance site, where i have requirement where i have to auto renew

the membership every month for 1 year. To achieve i user ARB subscription, it is working fine . But there is one

condition where, the member can cancel his membership, but we have to charge him with 1 year's full membership charge.


Is there any way to charge the member with remaining amount to be paid before unsubscribing his ARB Subscription for a

final payment.

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Re: ARB Unsubscribe with one final Payment

To do this you will need to cancel the ARB subscription and then use AIM to process the remaining balance. Of course you will need the credit card to do this. You can also do this with CIM if you create a payment profile for the user when you start their subscription. But there is no way to do this in ARB. ARB is for automated payments that are identical for a set interval. If you want a more flexible automated billing system you need to use CIM with your own scheduling engine.

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