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ARB issues



I am a newbie in ARB. I have tried ARB using totaloccurances and it worked well. 

But my requirement is that user can either user totalOccurances or startdate and enddate or execute transactions till user cancels it.


I have found the option here - 

But when i use the 3rd radio button or the first - it is giving me an error that the totaloccurance is invalid.


Also in the PDF file for ARB i am not able to see the end date field or unlimited transaction option-


Can any one help me on this?


Thank you 

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Re: ARB issues

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Well obviously, if the option for "Until I change or cancel this payment" is checked, there can't be a totalOccurrences value, since the subscription is essentially endless. And "Until, but not after" probably just translates internally to x number of payments based off of start date and frequency, so there isn't an "end date" per se. If you want to set up an endless subscription, put in a totalOccurrences value of 9999 - I know that isn't made terribly clear in the documentation (though it's probably mentioned -somewhere-), but I had the same question back some weeks ago and the answer is 9999.


EDIT: The field you're showing for "Until x payments have been delivered" corresponds to totalOccurrences, so try emptying it if you check one of the other two options?