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ARB w/ auto-retry didn't suspend a failed transaction

I enabled Auto-Retry on ARB and ran into a transaction that failed, but ARB didn't suspend. Customer Service for this was a joke, where they insisted that it only suspends ARB if the first payment fails (the previous behavior to auto-retry feature) so that was super frustrating.


Anyways, the transaction failed with:

Transaction Status:
General Error (Processor error - An error occurred during authorization. If these errors persist, contact merchant service provider)


It reported to me Response Code 3, Reason Code 57.


So, this transaction failed, perhaps not due to a decline, but it failed regardless. Now what do I do? Why didn't ARB suspend it as it was supposed to? I designed my system around the updates to ARB and now this one doesn't work as an outlier.

Very frustrating that I still can't trust ARB to be consistent and now I'm not sure what will happen to this one. Will ARB try again tomorrow? Will it fail again in a month from now?

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Re: ARB w/ auto-retry didn't suspend a failed transaction

Hi rev23dev


I sincerely apologize for the poor experience you had with our support agent. It is definitely not true that ARB only suspends on the first transaction scheduled within the life of an ARB subscription, as you are clearly already aware. 


It sounds like you are using a live account in our Production environment. If so, if I could ask that you create a Support Case with all pertinent information relative to this subscription via your Merchant Interface and request that it be escalated to me directly for review so that I can personally review this matter and respond to you via one of our support Leads. 


In addition, once I have your account details via the Support Case, I will research the contact you've had with our support staff providing misinformation for follow up coaching with their management. 


Thank you,


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Re: ARB w/ auto-retry didn't suspend a failed transaction

Thank you Elaine. The case number is 05887881