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ARBGetSubscriptionListRequest NULL Exception Error



I built a program that pulls down all ARB subscriptions by using the following searchTypes


  1. ARBGetSubscriptionListSearchTypeEnum.subscriptionActive
  2. ARBGetSubscriptionListSearchTypeEnum.subscriptionInactive
  3. ARBGetSubscriptionListSearchTypeEnum.cardExpiringThisMonth
  4. ARBGetSubscriptionListSearchTypeEnum.subscriptionExpiringThisMonth


However, for item number 3 I am getting an exception error which you can see below.


Exception: System.ArgumentException: SearchType cannot be null
   at AuthorizeNet.Api.Controllers.ARBGetSubscriptionListController.ValidateRequest()
   at AuthorizeNet.Api.Controllers.Bases.ApiOperationBase`2.Validate()
   at AuthorizeNet.Api.Controllers.Bases.ApiOperationBase`2..ctor(TQ apiRequest)
   at AuthorizeNet.Api.Controllers.ARBGetSubscriptionListController..ctor(ARBGetSubscriptionListRequest apiRequest)
   at SubscriptionsAudit.GetListSubscriptions.CardExpiring(String transKey, String userName, String merchantID) in \\hnciisdev\developmentV7.8\SubscriptionAuditEngine\RecurringBilling\GetListSubscription.cs:line 641



I want to know if anyone else has come across this issue and if they have any insight on what the problem might be. All the other searchTypes work except this one which strikes me as odd. I'm new to Authorize.Net


NOTE: I started off with the C# sample code from Github


Thanks for the help in advance,


Alex H.

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Re: ARBGetSubscriptionListRequest NULL Exception Error

Only when you use search type 3 or any searchtype?

GetListSubscript.cs is your code. can't tell if you set the searchtype at apiRequest or not.