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ARBGetSubscriptionStatus for nonexisting subscriptionID



While calling "ARBGetSubscriptionStatus" method of web service for any dummy subscriptionid eg: 123 and we call ARBGetSubscriptionStatus(123), it returns Messeage as "active" while there is no such subscriptionid existing in


What is the solution to weather a subscriptionid exists or not?

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Re: ARBGetSubscriptionStatus for nonexisting subscriptionID

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Hi @ruchi_s,


Can you give an example request and response? In my testing, passing a subscription ID that doesn't match an existing one returns error E00035.

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Re: ARBGetSubscriptionStatus for nonexisting subscriptionID

Hi @Aaron


Thanks for your response. Yeah I got this error code using following code:




But I was matching only status of response "response.status.ToString()" which returns "Active" for such non-existing subscriptions.


Actually I had a check in my code that if status of subscription is "Canceled" or "Suspended" then to create new subscription but status of non-existing subscriptions is returned as "Active". Now I had to add extra check of "response.messages.FirstOrDefault().code=="E00035".