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ARBs to move to new Account



I need to confirm that this can not be done.


I have an old account with thousands of ARBs that had different expiration dates, set by the consumer upon purchase. We now have a new account and new account number, where in all the ARBs are set to auto renew -- customers now have to go into account and opt out.


Can we port all those ARBs over and continue to bill? It would be so great if we could just import them and continue on.




My take was that we couldn't do this, that the old ARBs in the other account would expire at the predetermined time and then we would need to manually reprocess, entering them into the new account system.


Assistance is greatly appreciated.


- BC


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Re: ARBs to move to new Account

Hello @BlancoChapeau 


I would suggest contacting our customer service department who can provide you more details on the options available.