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AVS Address Mismatch

I'm not the developer for our website, but our customers are getting AVS mismatches due to the wrong street address.  The customers are always positive they put in the correct info and do not get errors on other websites.  We would like to keep this security setting to make sure and verify our customers.  


We noticed todays declined transactions all had the street in numeric form.  For example: 101 10th Street.  Is it possible that we are getting an AVS mismatch due to the "10th" portion when 101 is the only portion that should be verified?  We haven't noticed any issues with apartment numbers in the address that is submitted.


Is there any coding we can ask our developer to check on to keep this from happing? 


Is this something that can fix?



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Re: AVS Address Mismatch

It is getting reject because on the merchant account it set to reject when AVS response is W or Z? you could change it to allow those and let the customer credit card issuing bank decide to accept or decline with the billing address info you send.