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AVS Settings for International vs. Domestic



There are a few posts related to this but I feel they are pretty dated and I was also hoping to clarify a few things based on some of your own processes.


1. I understand from other posts that setting G, U and S to Allow, will allow you to accept international cards. Is S really required here because it does say "The U.S. card issuing bank does not support AVS." Trying to understand how that Response is related to international.

2. Does setting G to Allow, compromise AVS for U.S. Cards?

3. Does setting S to Allow, compromise AVS for U.S. Cards? It seems like it would. That is why I asked question 1.


Bottom line, we are mostly U.S. cards and hoping to allow the occasional international card without compromising U.S. AVS. If this is not really an option, then we simply need to share with our customers the additional risk and possible fee increases due to reduced AVS handling.


Thanks in advance, Jay.