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AVS is enabled but Authorize a credit card without check avs



Currently, we authorize a credit card without passing "Bill To" section and AVS still not enabled. But if we enabled the AVS for different API's and still using old logic without passing "Bill To" then will API throw rejection code Or will it still work?


I tested in a sandbox but not a real production environment. Sandbox always return " "avsResultCode": "Y" even not passing "billing" etc. info in the request. 


Example Request - 


"createTransactionRequest": {
"merchantAuthentication": {
"name": "XXXX",
"transactionKey": "XXXXX"
"refId": "123456",
"transactionRequest": {
"transactionType": "authOnlyTransaction",
"amount": "5",
"payment": {
"creditCard": {
"cardNumber": "5424000000000015",
"expirationDate": "2020-12",
"cardCode": "999"

"customer": {
"id": "99999456654"

"customerIP": ""



Thanks !!