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About Refund API



I am using sandbox account for my testing. I already have enabled filters for AVS and CCV in sandbox account I did implemented unlinked refund api (ECC) in my application. I am saving one customer payment profile id with invalid pin code (46217) provided in (Testing Guide - Developer). When I am using same profile for refund api, request is getting approved and AVS response code is "P". Below are my question related above specified scenario.

  1. I want my request to get Declined in such cases, is that possible?, If yes then is there are settings which I need to do?
  2.  I want refund request to get declined in fraud cases like AVS filter, CCV filter, expired credit card can we do that?
  3. If validations are avoided only for unlinked refund transactions or that can happen in case of linked refund transactions also(when we send existing transaction id)?