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About external no-fraud solution

I'm using .Net SDK for Authorize.Net API from github. Version 1.8.10

I would like to use an external no-fraud solution (like I checked their integration doc and they just need a URL change, that means sending the payment request to NoFraud endpoint instead of Authorize.Net, and the no-fraud system will do the rest.

Howerever, I couldn't find where to change the endpoint URL in Authorize.Net API. With CIM payment method, there's a class named CustomerGateway, that allow me to select test mode or live mode, but not the URL.

So I wonder how to modify the endpoint URL dynamically. 

Anyone can help?





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Re: About external no-fraud solution

Hello @vietanh


It is not currently possible to dynamically change the API Endpoint using our SDKs.  The source code is avialable on GitHub.




Webhooks are now available for Authorize.Net

Using SOAP, see our deprecation notice.
Check out Accept.js, our Javascript replacement for DPM.
Pro Tip: Never use test mode in the sandbox, instead use the Testing Guide.
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Re: About external no-fraud solution

Hello @RichardH


So can I get source code from Github, build my own dll and use in my app?

It might work, however, I prefer using latest versions of, so is it possible to have changes in next versions? 


Viet Anh