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Accept Hosted Payment Integration



I've tried my implementation in Sandbox and is working fine, when I move this integration to my Production environment I encounter an error after successfully requesting a token to populate the payment form using redirect method:


resultCode: "Error",
code: "E00001",
text: "Error parsing boolean value. Path '', line 1, position 1."



I check my API login, Transaction Key and Signature key credentials.


Please help. 


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Re: Accept Hosted Payment Integration

Hello @denlopez88,


You have a valid token in your form with an input  named "token" and are posting to:, where you get back error code E00001?

If so, can you post the complete form that you are using to post said token with?


Else if you are not getting back a valid token, then the issue would be related to the JSON or XML you are posting to obtain it.

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