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Accept Hosted Recurring Billing?



I am working on developing a new website that has a subscription based model and a one time setup fee.  We'd like to use Accept Hosted in order to only have to deal with PCI Compliance SAQ-A, but I'm having trouble finding documentation related to recurring billing within Accept Hosted.


I did review setting up Customer Profiles (, which mentions recurring billing but doesn't elaborate further from what I can tell. This method appears to only give a pathway to retain the profile id and then submit one time transactions as opposed to using the built-in recurring billing

Is the intent here to have our system retain this information then submit one time transactions in an automatic fashion periodically?  Does retaining this profile id change anything about PCI compliance (i.e., from A to A-EP).


Thank you for your patience, I'm new to both and PCI Compliance, so learning as I go.

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Re: Accept Hosted Recurring Billing?

Hello @ryanshaug


Accept Hosted does not directly support creating subscriptions, but you can meet your objectives using the following steps:


  1. Use Accept Hosted to collect the initial payment
  2. If successful, use Create Customer Profile from Transaction to get a customer profile id
  3. Use Create A Subscription Using a Customer Profile


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Re: Accept Hosted Recurring Billing?

Richard, thank you very much for your response!  I will give that a go.  I appreciate your prompt reply :)


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Re: Accept Hosted Recurring Billing?

Hi @ryanshaug,


I just want to elaborate on what Richard said a little bit. After you go through the steps that he suggested to get the subscription started, you might start wondering what to do when the customer wants to change their card they use or when the card expires.


If you haven't already noticed on the Customer Profiles documentation, there's a set of "Accept Customer" forms that work similarly to the Accept Hosted form, but to manage customer profiles and customer payment profiles. Using those forms, you can update the information of a payment profile associated with a subscription without ever seeing the card number itself.

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Re: Accept Hosted Recurring Billing?


Will it be possible for you how to set the value of "recurringBilling" during hostedPayment


settings[x] = new settingType();
settings[x].settingName = settingNameEnum.recurringBilling.ToString();
settings[x].settingValue = "????";