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Accept Hosted fingerprint value incorrect??



I have a client that we integrated the accept hosted form for about a year ago and most transactions are going through just fine.  Every now and then we have customers call support because they are unable to checkout and the only message on the form is "fingerprint value incorrect". We have some logging in place that can tell us which customers these are but if we could fix this or give a better message that would be great.


So my question is what does "fingerprint value incorrect" mean??  Is there anything on our end we can do to fix this?

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Re: Accept Hosted fingerprint value incorrect??

Hi @bshaver


This may be happening if a older or expired token is being used for posting on the Accept Hosted URL . 


You can add a check in your code to regenerate the token if  payment is retried or page is refreshed . 


Hope it helps !!! 

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