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Accept Page - Receipt setting of false is being ignored

I am using the hosted Accept Page.  I am running this in a DHTML window which I believe is an iFrame.  When I specify that I don't want to see the receipt page, I am still getting the receipt page from to show up and my receipt page doesn't come up until I click the "Get Receipt" button (I named that button via urlText parameter).  What I want is for my receipt page to come up instead of the receipt page.


"getHostedPaymentPageRequest": {
"merchantAuthentication": {
"name": "xxx",
"transactionKey": "yyy"
"transactionRequest": {
"transactionType": "authCaptureTransaction",
"amount": "451.72",
"order": {
"invoiceNumber": "97563",
"description": "FULL PAYMENT"

"poNumber": "po-0079-46",
"billTo": {
"company": "some company",
"address": "587 some road",
"city": "some city",
"state": "WI",
"zip": "54016"
"hostedPaymentSettings": {
"setting": [{
"settingName": "hostedPaymentReturnOptions",
"settingValue": "{\"showReceipt\": false, \"url\": \"\", \"urlText\": \"Get Receipt\", \"cancelUrl\": \"\", \"cancelUrlText\": \"Cancel\"}"
}, {
"settingName": "hostedPaymentButtonOptions",
"settingValue": "{\"text\": \"Pay\"}"
}, {
"settingName": "hostedPaymentStyleOptions",
"settingValue": "{\"bgColor\": \"blue\"}"
}, {
"settingName": "hostedPaymentPaymentOptions",
"settingValue": "{\"cardCodeRequired\": false, \"showCreditCard\": true, \"showBankAccount\": true}"
}, {
"settingName": "hostedPaymentSecurityOptions",
"settingValue": "{\"captcha\": false}"
}, {
"settingName": "hostedPaymentBillingAddressOptions",
"settingValue": "{\"show\": false, \"required\": false}"