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Accept hosted - getting an error from app-min.js

I am using an iFrame with the Accept Hosted form, and I'm setting hostedPaymentPaymentOptions as follows when asking for a token:


        SettingType setting4 = new SettingType();
        setting4.setSettingValue("{\"showBankAccount\": false, " +
                                  "\"cardCodeRequired\": false}");


However, I'm getting the following error in my web console from app-min.js:


TypeError: Cannot read property 'hostedPaymentPaymentOptions' of null
    at Object.<anonymous> (app-min.js:1)
    at Object.e [as invoke] (angular.min.js:38)
    at Q.instance (angular.min.js:79)
    at M (angular.min.js:60)
    at g (angular.min.js:54)
    at g (angular.min.js:54)
    at angular.min.js:53
    at angular.min.js:19
    at m.$eval (angular.min.js:134)
    at m.$apply (angular.min.js:134)


Any idea what's going on? I don't get this when I test locally, only on our test server.

Posts: 18
Registered: ‎05-18-2018

Re: Accept hosted - getting an error from app-min.js

OK, that's weird. The error mysteriously went away. I guess it's working now :)