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Accept.js payment nonce created with zip not running AVS on PHP-SDK transactions

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Currently we are experiencing an issue with AVS. First let me outline our basic process.


1. Create payment nonce with Accept.js, supplying all required fields as well as zip.

2. Create transaction using PHP-SDK and payment nonce.


For some reason AVS is not running, and we've had support tell us that the zip code is never being received at all. It could be they are referring to the PHP-SDK transaction's explicitly added data, but as detailed in this very similar issue (use case 2 applies to us precisely), using the zip to create the nonce should be enough to trigger AVS.

We would love to get to the bottom of this, any help is appreciated.



David Cooley
Fivable, LLC

Our current settings


Our code which includes the zip (we have verified the outgoing request includes this data, just in case)

Accept.js documentation confirming our method of attaching zip

What we see when creating a transaction with this workflow

What we see when creating a transaction with a separate IVR workflow that doesn't use Accept.js