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Accept payments on behalf of a vendor

We have an online product for small businesses that offer services (e.g. hair salons, spas, etc.). We're looking to offer the ability for our customers to accept payment for their services both online and in person. It looks to me like we would need two accounts for something like this: a card-present account and one of the others. Is that correct?


Assuming so, does Authorize.Net allow payments to be broken up? For example, one of our clients accepts a payment for $50 for a service. We would accept the payment on the vendor's behalf, keep a percentage, pay the transaction fee, and forward the rest to the vendor. Does Authorize.Net allow this? We're evaluating PayPal's Adaptive Payments to do this now but would like to consider other options.


For the online portion, I'm still reading the docs to figure out which option is best. We're not storing customer profiles just yet, so I'm leaning toward AIM or DPM. We're not interested in storing the CC numbers so in this case, DPM sounds like the way to go, correct? We want to streamline the user experience as much as possible.

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Re: Accept payments on behalf of a vendor

Hi kbaley,


Authorize.Net accounts only connect to one merchant account. You cannot use our service to split payment between two accounts in any way. You could collect payment on behalf of the vendor, but it would be up to you then to pay the vendor using another means.