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AcceptJS for ACH or Card in same form

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Is there a way for Hosted AcceptJS to display both ACH or Card payment options for a payor in the same dialog, similar to the options in getHostedPaymentPageRequest? I only see where you specify which dialog to display, based on options passed in.



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Re: AcceptJS for ACH or Card in same form

Hi @martin1b


Currently we only support cards  for Hosted Accept.js . 

You can use the Accept.js with your custom UI to accept payments with Echeck .



<script type="text/javascript">
function sendPaymentDataToAnet() {
var authData = {};
authData.clientKey = "YOUR PUBLIC CLIENT KEY";
authData.apiLoginID = "YOUR API LOGIN ID";

var bankData = {};
bankData.accountNumber = document.getElementById('accountNumber').value;
bankData.routingNumber = document.getElementById('routingNumber').value;
bankData.nameOnAccount = document.getElementById('nameOnAccount').value;
bankData.accountType = document.getElementById('accountType').value;


We are working to add support for Echeck in Hosted Accept.js  but dont have a release date for it yet . 




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