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AcceptJS not passing through CVC? (Problem with declines)

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Hi Authorize,


We have integrated using the AcceptJS method to generate a token, and once that token is generated successfully, we pass that opaqueData.dataDescriptor and opaqueData.dataValue values through to create a customer payment profile, and then we issue charges against that profile.


Following the guide ( we use very similar code to submit the cardNumber, month, year and cardCode parameters to Accept.dispatchData.


In the majority of cases, everything is working properly, however in production we are getting higher-than-usual rates of declines. If we take a look at even an accepted transaction, it always shows the CVC status as 'Not applicable', even though that info WAS passed in via AcceptJS:


Can you help us figure out why this is?


If we turn on the following option (, we actually get an error that the 'card code is required', however this is being passed into AcceptJS to create the token in the first place, which goes through just fine and returns the correct opaqueData response.


Is that setting not designed to be used in conjunction with AcceptJS?


Is there some other setting that could be causing this problem? It especially concerns me that even settled transactions display the card code as 'Not applicable' as demonstrated above. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks very much,