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Access VIA SoapUI and other SOAP tools

I have been tasked with interegrating the web services provided by into our current application.  As part of starting this process, I am attempting to create a project in SoapUI 5.4.0, but when I point it to the site, I get the following error.

WSDLException (at /xs:schema): faultCode=INVALID_WSDL: Expected element '{}definitions'.

I have also had issues with accessing the WSDL using other tools.


Can anyone provide any suggestion as to how I can access the WSDL using SoapUI 5.4.0?


Thank you

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Re: Access VIA SoapUI and other SOAP tools

Hello @smsinc123


SOAP is deprecated and we do not recommend creating new integrations.  See our Upgrade Guide for more details:





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