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Adding Invoice Number to Refunds in Node

It was frustrating not finding this in the API docs so I thought I'd share here.

Occasionally, in trying to issue multiple refunds back-to-back for transactions that were very similar (same customer, cc, price), we would get a duplicate transaction error. We needed to adjust the invoiceNumber, but it wasn't explicit how. Well, it's the same as with charging a card. Just work from the API documentation for refunds but add the first two lines below (declaring & configuring the orderDetails) before you instantiate your transactionRequestType and then include the last line below to add these details to your refund.



    var orderDetails = new ApiContracts.OrderType();

    var transactionRequestType = new ApiContracts.TransactionRequestType();


You might've guessed that, but I don't like guessing when it comes to payment processing. Happy holidays, y'all.


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Re: Adding Invoice Number to Refunds in Node

Thank you @thekestrelco for the information.