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Adding a Tip after authorization and/or Capture

Hello I have read some messages on this board of adding a tip afterwards transaction is completed, many say its not possible but they are really old discussions.

I tested that the Authorize.Net iOS Phone Mobile App actually does process tip but seems it does it before the authorization and/or capture process happens so just adds to the total cost. Thats not most pos system work. 



I read on one of the board posts you can link into previous transaction with the reftransid (assuming need to add authcode too) but my tries was unsuccessful. Is this still not supported or am i sending/missing some wrong info.


Tried transaction types 

AuthorizeNet.Api.Contracts.V1.transactionTypeEnum.authCaptureTransaction (processed as a new transaction and not as a tip)

AuthorizeNet.Api.Contracts.V1.transactionTypeEnum.priorAuthCaptureTransaction (The transaction cannot be found.)


Do I authorize the transaction and wait for the tip then complete it? But then when should i complete the transaction if their is no tip. 


We are using the c# .net api for this. Please help thank you.

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Re: Adding a Tip after authorization and/or Capture

Hello @drewex


We do not currently support tip adjustments to authorizations, but this feature is planned for release in the coming months.




Webhooks are now available for Authorize.Net

Using SOAP, see our deprecation notice.
Check out Accept.js, our Javascript replacement for DPM.
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Re: Adding a Tip after authorization and/or Capture

I need to create a solution in the following week or 2, so I had an idea but i dont have a live account to test this,


first I authorize and charge the persons card for full amount 50$.

if there is no tip it goes on as 50, if there is a tip coming little later on I void the transaction, and do another transaction for 55$ with tip. Now our concern is the does the 50 dolar show up persons account as a void or refund. Since its done same day the charge shouldnt have cleared and shouldnt show but there is no guarantee on this. 


Will this work? I cannot test it since i dont have a live account to see the transactions on payers account.