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Advanced Integration method - cvvResultCode ( Java SDK)



I am using anet_java_sdk for Advanced Integration method. Can you please tell me where I can look for cvvResultCode(M/N/P/S) in the response.  I am looking for get method name of result.getTarget().getCreditCard()  class.


There is a createTransaction() method in net.authorize.aim.Transaction  class. In that method also I dont see a code for extracting cvvResultCode from ResponseMap. Please advise if I am missing something.



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Re: Advanced Integration method - cvvResultCode ( Java SDK)

The createTransaction() method returns a new transaction object.  There are more than one way to extract the reponse fields out of an AIM transaction object, but here is one example for retrieving the Card Code result:


String CardCodeResponse = result.getResponseField(ResponseField.CARD_CODE_RESPONSE);


Another method that may interest you is getResponseMap(), which returns all of the response fields.